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EK Sports + Entertainment is a boutique sports and entertainment marketing company founded in 2016 by Eric Kleineck. Kleineck, an American entrepreneur, has built a career and personal brand from a few defining principles that took root in childhood and have stayed with him to this day.  From his parents, he learned the value of a tireless work ethic and the essential, boundless skills of kindness and human connection. This solid foundation, paired with his belief in being a life-long learner who refuses to settle for mediocrity, has led Kleineck to gain a unique and successful business savvy that thrives on creativity and innovation. He has proven himself to be a leader whose drive for success and passion for hockey led him to become the co-founder and CEO of Sauce Hockey, an international designer lifestyle brand that bridges the gap between art, music, fashion, and hockey. He brings a specialized knowledge to the business world that can take him from the locker room to the boardroom without missing a beat: he has an acute ability to know his customers and to exceed their expectations.

Kleineck's work at Sauce Hockey and the Gretzky Hockey School, where he served as an advisor, helping to conceptualize and launch the greatest hockey school in the world, have proven him to be accomplished at directing others in the areas of sales, marketing, and design, while also being a team player. Aggressive and passionate, but also kind-hearted, Kleineck knows the importance of creating a team-orientated environment where problem-solving and striving for smarter, better ways to run business are the norm.  His past experiences working in game-day promotions and his more than ten years in the National Hockey League with the Arizona Coyotes have helped him forge strong ties to the worlds of business and professional sports, where he has learned first-hand how a successful organization handles all of its operations on a day-to-day basis.  From working in customer service to creating a vision for an entire business with nothing but a blank canvas, Kleineck is ceaselessly committed to reaching his goals, only to wake up the next day and set the bar higher — to constantly better himself and thus the world around him.